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31 October 2011 @ 01:43 am
Staяting with R  
I know, my title would be meaningless if you used the я correctly. But it's a damn cool symbol.

Watched the pilots of Ringer and Rizzoli & Isles tonight. :D I really don't know why, though. Just for the hell of it, I guess. XD And let's do reviews of what I think, also for the hell of it! On to my useless opinions!

Ringer - it was... eh.

While I'm happy SMG is on the small-screen again, and the plot is interesting, it didn't really... I don't know. It'd be one of those things, where if it were on and there was nothing else on, I'd watch it. It just was boring to me. o.O And Siobhan sounds like an interesting character. Mostly because she's a bitch, apparently. XD

Rizzoli & Isles - I like! :D

... I have an affinity for crime shows? I blame my mum for that. Must get the 1st season. Once I have more money... :/

Rizzoli is so kick-ass. And hot. And Isles is also hot. ♥_♥ Plus, Sasha Alexander! Mmm, she's so pretty~ And smart. Win/win!

And they have such lovely UST.

Yep, I shamelessly ship them. :D

In other news, I should really get onto 4x05 graphics? I dunno, I made J her graphics, but then there's all this prettiness of S4... except Agravaine. Dieeeeee~ I want to go back to Arthurian Camelot to murder you. Slowly and painfully. Involving bamboo, water and needles.

And thanks to princealia, I can now imagine Bradley in one of Merlin's neckerchiefs. XD It was more my fault, but still... it's sort of hilarious. And then I imagine Colin taking it off for him... hm.

If you're looking for my 4x05 reaction, the post before. :D
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