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05 October 2011 @ 10:29 pm
I want Reese's damnit  
I get money next week, so we'll see if we can go to Bibina so I can get Reese's.

Earlier, I was looking up Reese's on Tumblr. :( I want to try a Reese's McFlurry. AND ALL THE OTHER REESE'S STUFF. Especially the Reese's pumpkin's, and just...

Argh. D: Wanttttttt~

Someone should send me like... a goody bag full of assorted Reese's. Come onnn, you know you want to~

In non-craving news, mum's boyfriend is stupid. Which is common fact, yes...

He hasn't seen his therapist in a while. He should see her like... two-three times a week. Just, a lot. Work has got him all riled up, and he doesn't understand how his emotions work. I'm emotionally stunted and I know how they work for God's sake!

He's also full of shit. He lives in some weird ~alternate world~ which does not apply to reality. Which he thinks is this reality. And more lovely and endearing traits. *coughs and rolls eyes*

Oh, and have an two awesome songs:

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: The Retrosic - Revolution
i need a raincoat.: Merlin - Merlin/Arthur lego housechaosmaka on October 5th, 2011 07:38 am (UTC)
I think YOU should send me this bag of Reese's :P
Lenre Li: Merlin - lips and neckerchiefuniversaldogma on October 5th, 2011 07:39 am (UTC)
I'm sure you can find them somewhere in Europe! XD
isisanubis on October 5th, 2011 08:30 am (UTC)
If you'd like to pm me your address, I can gather up some Reese's for you. I was planning on it for Christmas anyways.
Lenre Li: Arthur - look of loveuniversaldogma on October 5th, 2011 08:36 am (UTC)
YES!!!! *_*

*flails and hugs you*

about things like... money and that? <.<;;
isisanubis on October 5th, 2011 08:41 am (UTC)
I'll keep an eye out for it.

*joins in the flailing and hugging*
Lenre Li: Merlin - so cute!universaldogma on October 5th, 2011 08:43 am (UTC)
For what? XD

I'll PM you my address sometime... hm.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My mind should really stop skipping words... there was supposed to be 'what' in that last sentence... XD
isisanubis on October 5th, 2011 08:50 am (UTC)
I meant I'll keep an eye out for your pm.

Don't worry about money or anything.
Lenre Li: Merlin - another side cropuniversaldogma on October 5th, 2011 08:52 am (UTC)
I'm distracted by 'fic. XD Must read~

But... but... *flails*
(Deleted comment)
Lenre Li: Arthur - dark profileuniversaldogma on October 5th, 2011 10:03 am (UTC)
You can't get Reese's in normal supermarket stores, but if you know where to look...

Yessss~ :D