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01 August 2011 @ 04:54 pm
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Why won't lightstarangel@flickr let us download her beautiful pics? ;_; Whyyyyy?! They're... and you can't... just... *gibberish* Nevermind, figured it out! 8)

In more coherent news, I've written! A bit... <.<; Better than nothing, though~

And dole money came through today! Yay! Which, you know, isn't that surprising considering it's a fortnightly thing. I did however, become broke due to me getting my new laptop last week, so yeah. XD Hahah.

And i_know_its_0ver  loves Tiger & Bunny! Fuck yeah! *bounces*

Watched Merlin [The Changeling] last night. :D As well as the first X-Men... So happy my TV and stuff is set up now~ *_*

[122] Merlin cast

This way~
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