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30 July 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Where's a TARDIS when you need one? D:  
Just watched the latest Torchwood: Miracle Day episode! *flails* So, um. SPOILERY.

Estherrr. You're so awesome. ♥ *hugs her*

AND REX. YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Fucking. Idiot. Chewing Esther out for being worried about her family! Shooting the bad huy in the throat! Sure, seeing your father gives you a good excuse for being bastard-y... still. Not on.

Jack looks good in a uniform. Not that the WWII trench isn't awesome~ ♥

Um, getting to the crux of what I want to say... bad guys. I first thought they would've been the Silence. But the "families"...

Family of Blood? I dunno. First thought. And, um, PhiCorp. Creeeepy. Especially with that Complete Monster Danes. However, the red-haired girl I like. Even though she's creepy by association.

In other news... I dunno. I need to go grocery shopping. :/ I need more junk food. But I don't get money until Monday. *sighs* And I've made some more icons of Colin's THAT photoshoot. Although I should maybe do Colin's int. with Cody Deal. XD And once I stop procrastinating, etc, will do Merlin 2x07~

A 'fic I'm reading won't load properly. Kinda sucks. :( Will keep trying though~
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