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04 June 2011 @ 07:09 pm
Idle thoughts  
I feel like writing angsty 'fic now. That awesome Sherlock/John 'fic where John is an unwilling experiment for Sherlock, and everything just falls apart... kinda got me down. Awesome though. Sad is happy for deep people.

I haven't made icons since Thursday. So weird. XD I have Photoshop open, ideas for icons, but I just can't... eventually.

New Doctor Who and Tiger & Bunny sometime soon! Yay! :D Well, sort of.

Have watched all my Misfits~ though I skipped the Christmas ep. Don't like that one too much. Should cap them sometime... *scratches head*

And speaking of Misfits...

These videos are so fun! Also:

How fun would it be to hang out with them? :D I mean, making sure you don't die... Superhoodie is the best. I wonder what other videos he has hidden away...
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Current Music: L'Âme Immortelle - Fear