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15 April 2016 @ 02:06 am
So, I have hyperthyroid. :D

That would explain the wall of anxiety when I think about writing... and the exhaustion. And many other things.

Went to get a blood test today, and after that went to get my thyroid checked by a specialist! Why I have hyperthyroid is mostly likely because of something called autoimmune thyroiditis, otherwise known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis! I'm on meds for it that'll take my thyroid levels down, and then there will also be regular blood tests. Fun...

My hair is suffering because of it. :/ It's very dry... Sure, the fast heartrate is annoying, and all those other symptoms... but why must my hair suffer? No reason. Stop.

Anyways, after that day, I decided to treat myself and bought a lot of Faction Paradox things. 5 CDs, and 2 books to be exact. :D

Hmmmmmmmm. I really want to bake things? But getting motivated to do things with all that anxiety.... not good... I would like to make scones sometime though. 
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Chainreactor - The Haunted
Azzie's corner of madnessflowsoffire on April 26th, 2016 04:41 pm (UTC)

Oh, good to have a diagnosis that explains some things, I hope the meds will help!
Lenre Li: RotG - Jack Frost?universaldogma on April 27th, 2016 04:07 am (UTC)
They're helping a lot~ :D

*hugs* ♥