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19 April 2011 @ 07:32 pm
I wrote that A Splash of Colour 'fic practically all day yesterday. No more icons or writing for a bit... x.x

Although I should really work on my na Déithe 'verse... I've started the second part, it's just so... oppressing, thinking of what I have in store for them... I should really just clear my mind and focus on what I'm currently writing though. XD Hahah...

Alright, so what I have coming in the mail, in the present and future -

Merlin S3
Re-Cycle 2-disc, Kairo (One Missed Call still hasn't shipped yet... has shipped!)
KMFDM - WTF?! and Kapt'n K's new solo album (still pending, damnit)
THAT magazine (sometime next month?)
Dollhouse complete seasons, REPO! The Genetic Opera, Sherlock S1

I... think that's all? 

I really wish mum's boyfriend wouldn't put the TV up so loud. Argh.

Think I might go watch some Merlin soon... and will watch Doctor Who's MIdnight on the laptop, so I can cap some Donna, Doctor and Jethro! :D ... Eventually.

Oh! *facepalm* And since I now have a box.net account, I'm thinking of uploading Legion Within. Because the only way you get their music is if you buy it, and while I would support that with Legion Within, their music is just overall awesomeness. <3
Current Mood: drainedburnt out/annoyed
Current Music: Gackt - Vanilla (and the bloody loud TV)