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20 November 2013 @ 12:27 am
My OUAT 1080p version is taking forever... I just want to cap you. D:

Zexal got more episodes subbed! I would say yay, but the episodes we're going into hurt my soul. :( Must you be so painful.

The Conjuring shipped today, which I kinda forgot I ordered. My mum and I both wanted it. XD

I rewatched Spearhead From Space last night too. I forgot how much I loved it. ♥ Fucking Autons though. This is why I don't like mannequins...

And I also came across this really interesting thing, about various rhetological fallacies and so on. It's really interesting~ And the example linked is excellent~

I should really stop attempting to make gifs. I always forget a crucial thing, since I'm not used to gif making yet. Like, you know, getting rid of the fucking noise! *sigh*

Bought some Eighth Doctor's Adventures at Big Finish~ Because. You know. I got 1.3 (Glam Rock) to 1.6 (No More Lies), so yay~
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Current Music: Attrition - Narcissist