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14 November 2013 @ 01:46 am
Agents of SHIELD~ *_*

I've been having this urge to write on and off for a while. Mainly Starshipping from YGO, and Pan/Henry from OUAT.... The second one, I know. But Pan called Henry "his" and looks at him a certain way and has been searching for him for centuries and dglhkg;l b?? It's not like OUAT doesn't have other fucked up ships anyway...

However, I can't get over this... block. I guess. I have the ideas, I just can't open up Word or a blank page and just... type. It's frustrating. I may be a bit scared of writing again... I'm not sure why. *sigh*

Oh, and it was my birthday yesterday too. Went out for all-you-can-eat for dinner! :D T'was yummy. And my second family gave me $50! And a "Happy 21st birthday" glass... like a plastic wine glass? Yeah. And then I had some alcohol, because I was in the mood for it. ♥

I also got my Myths and Legends DW boxset on my birthday too. XD Heh. It was a birthday present from me~
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