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03 November 2013 @ 12:38 am
Went out for my best friend's birthday today. :D It was fun.

I have a thing going with my one of my ears lately. It sucks, since I like listening to music with them. But I got ear drops, and they've been working? So yay. And on Monday when I get money, we'll go to the doctors so he could look at it. Mum thinks it's an infection, and since she gets those kinds of things all the time, I'll just trust her on that.

The new LoK was good, aside from the romance shit no one cares about... and then Haven ended on a cliffhanger and tension and fdhdgfjjjx g. Also, I've been trying out Dracula on NBC, and I like that it has Katie in it. Oh, and that Dracula is a troll.

Annnnd, I watched all current episodes of The Tomorrow People, which is interesting. Might try out The Blacklist, which is apparently about spies? Or something like that.

In other news, there's a great anti-Regina Mills tumblr, which makes me happy. :D
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Diablo Swing Orchestra - Justice For Saint Mary