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21 July 2013 @ 08:09 pm
Finished my YGO 5D's marathon. It was awesome. :D Then I watched Bonds Beyond Time because 3 protags together and Yusei/Judai????, and will slowly go through GX next. Even though I want to go past episodes already, so I could see Haou Judai, but considering I've never seen GX in it's entirety...

Hmm. Aside from that. Two of the things I've ordered have shipped? And I'm really unclear on the status of the third one. Maybe it shipped and I failed to get the email, or it just hasn't shipped yet. *sigh*

Went into PS last night. Apparently with my 5D's marathon, I forgot how to photoshop a bit. I didn't go into it for about a week, though. The only reason I could see that happening was because I was practically living in Neo Domino with my marathon...

Finally watched some of my Classic Who yesterday, too. :D I watch/capped Mawdryn Undead~ Turlough annoys me. I forgot that. At least he's bearable when Tegan's around.

PS - watching the GX sub is hilarious because Judai's a cocky little bastard, and everyone's either done with him, or think he's batshit. XD
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Matthew Harrisglowing_fish on July 21st, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
Speaking of marathons, for a long time I kind of lost interest in watching Classic Who regularly: mostly because I was moving through a time when a lot of the episodes were missing. But I've started on the Third Doctor, and have been moving through them very quickly: like a series a week. Besides pretty soon I am going to be out of Third Doctor!
Lenre Li: DW - more CyberDoctoruniversaldogma on July 21st, 2013 08:25 pm (UTC)
Yeah, part of the reason why I haven't started on early Classic is because of the missing episodes... I've seen The Tenth Planet though, because I wanted to see the first Cybermen ever. :D

Yay! :D Keep going~ There's the Key to Time in your future. It's awesome. *nods*