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24 June 2013 @ 06:23 pm
Transferred all my pictures onto my laptop. Yay. :D

Even set up the printer so I could scan my picture with Bradley...

And one of the books I bought yesterday I already got, so now I have a double. *facepalm* Argh.

Oh, I got my Black Guardian trilogy today! :D Yay!

Not feeling like posting up my Sydney experiences yet. I think I'm still processing some of it. Plus, I'm just reading stuff. And... I dunno. Have a thing, though. My loot from the weekend. :D Didn't get a lot, was almost gonna get a keyblade though... and loads of other things. I only had so much money. ;_;

An awesome jacket (with close ups whenever I do my comprehensive post), some readables from Kinokuniya (and I already have that CCS. *headdesk* {also bought Prisoner of Azkaban because I lost that book in a move so I finally have all of HP again!)), a pocketwatch (I've always wanted one!), a Rise of the Guardians print from someone in the Artist's Alley, AND MY PICTURE WITH BRADLEY JAMES WHICH GHKGFJHKJVMKL

Jacket's my favourite thing, probably tied with my picture with Bradley~ :D
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Current Music: Linkin Park - Debris (MTM Demo)