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18 March 2013 @ 06:31 pm
Capped my new DVDs! Yay~ And I might get K9 Tales and The Image of Fendahl next, Classic Who wise. K9 tales because it has The Invisible Enemy. ♥ You can never have enough Classic Who~

And OUAT. Apparently after the next one is a hiatus. Which I can deal with...

[Welcome to Storybrooke]Annnd the latest episode was just creepy. I did like all the Ruby in it, but there always needs to be more Ruby.

But seriously. Regina when she first came to Storybrooke was fucking creepy. And people sympathise with her? What the fuck?! Not only is she unable to deal with anything, she's also completely fucking insane! This episode could easily become a thriller movie.

Parent and kid camping out in the forest, then a weird storm. The next day, they find a town didn't exist before, where everything is freakishly calm. They meet some of the townsfolk, and hopefully find a place to stay. But as they spend more time in the town, they see everything repeat with subtle differences every day. They get to know the mayor, who was kind enough to invite them to dinner and helped them out with the ruined car. But then the mayor makes the suggestion that they should stay, but they decline because they have a life to get back to. The parent goes to thank the mayor for the hospitality, but overhears her talking into a weird glowing thing and about arresting him and then...

Yeah. You get the idea. I'd watch that movie.

Destroying magic sounds like a good idea, yes.

I'm still reeling about the fact that people sympathise with Regina, I mean, I didn't understand it before, but this is quadruple the fuckery. Regina needs to spend life in therapy. Or a mental ward. Seriously. I don't get it. I just... why?

People scare me sometimes.

Still don't have my RotG DVD yet, but I'm confident it'll come this week. *sighs* And I have new Hakkenden to watch, yes! ♥
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