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12 March 2013 @ 08:28 pm
My Rise of the Guardians DVD has shipped! :D Yay! And the mail is fast, so it should hopefully get here by... next week? *sighs* Anyway~

It's really weird going to bed when it's dark. XD It's just... yeah.

So, I made loads of RotG icons today. ♥ Though my creativity has sort of... run dry. Why can't I just make graphics forever without sleep or a sudden lack of creativity? I want to make ALL the icons, but now I can't and it hurts. :( There's always tomorrow or whatever, butfgdjkhg pkpbn And wondering whether I should post my RotG icons up already. I do have a decent amount. *scratches head* I miss the days when I could make >50 icons no problem...

And. Yeah. Now to decide which of my icons I'd love to have in my userpics... *head/desks*
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Current Music: Sonic Area - Funeral March of an Empire