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08 December 2012 @ 05:58 pm
excuse me while I flail~  
Rise of the Guardians was awesome! Awesome, you guys! :D And to make it even better, I saw it with my best friend! ♥

And she's now in love with Jack Frost. I wasn't really expecting her to like it so much, since her interest in some of the things I show her is half-hearted. But I'm so glad she loves RotG! Yay for having someone to talk about it with! So now we must wait impatiently for the DVD come out, and we'll see about catching it in the theaters again~ I do know she's gonna drag her family and school friends to see it. XD That'll be interesting.

Pitch was scarier than I thought he'd be... Sure, he's not like Weeping Angel level scary, but he's sort of... yeah. And the other Guardians are awesome! Especially Sandy! And Tooth! And North! Fuck yeah, North is the best! :D He's all- yeah. I'm sorry I can't do coherence. I knew I'd love this movie. *_*

... Not RotG related? I might attempt icons of general things. And I still have to do icons for my number #1 fan sometime~ ♥ ♥

Oh, and dinner last night was good. We didn't do all you can eat, since mum's parents are members of the club = discount food! And I had a vodka cruiser. And got a family friend into electro swing... oh yes. :D I hope she looks up the bands I showed her. ♥
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: Black Veil Brides - A Devil For Me