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04 November 2012 @ 09:37 pm
ACIII is still awesome! :D Connor is now a full-fledged assassin, and I threw some tea off a ship. And killed lots of things. I'm sort of in love with the hunting in Frontier and around the Homestead... ♥ ♥ And he has an axe now. Fuck yeah, it's awesome. I sort of stole it off this guard I killed, and I've forgotten to drop it... *chinhands*

Annnd Merlin. Same old, same old. Fucking Merlin writers, can't they at least make it seem like they didn't rehash plots from the previous seasons?
[The Disir]Mordred being adorable~ ♥

And the Knights! Hazing! XD Hahah. Funniest part.

Merlin, you're a fucking idiot. Stop being all "big picture-y" and "DESTINY AND FATE" for one second, please. Oh, and stop being apathetic, too. Robots don't even exist there yet, so stop being all "CamelotArthurArthur" because, you know, you're still Merlin. That powerful sorceror? You know him? Being one of Arthur's extra organs isn't your only purpose, you know.

At least he realised his idiocy at the end. That was refreshing. It'll all be reset next episode anyway...

Also, the Disir were awesome. It would've been a cool twist if Mordred did die, though. Then he would be revived to kill Arthur... hopefully in a way that doesn't seem like that other episode... Oh, and BOOBS. Hello.

Fucking Merlin writers, though. I'm surprised I'm not angrier. But I may have used that up killing things in ACIII... so there's something.

I get money tonight! :D Which, yay!

Oh, and I capped all of my American Horror Story S1, so yes. And I should be getting Fringe S4 this week... I also really wanna get some ACIII Let's Plays or something off YT so I could cap those. I wouldn't even know where to start to tape my games, so yeah. And maybe Journey. Hmmm. But those are 'maybes'....
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