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14 October 2012 @ 10:12 pm
I really have to learn to stop worrying about things. In turn, I'm both laid back and I worry over every little thing. *sighs* Really, self.

Today is a capping day. I'm capping the Classic!Who I bought yesterday, and I may try to cap my W13 S1... or just get more videos of Mark Ruffalo or Jeremy Renner and cap those instead. Whatever.

I'm also really procrastinating with graphics. Making tumblr things is good, though I still have about 150+ icons to post up sometime... *head/desk*

Anyway. So new Merlin. I thought it was boring. Maybe it was the mood I'm in, but it was boring and predictable.
[Part II]Things I liked:
- Merthur.
- Arthur let Merlin crawl through the sewers first so he could enjoy the view.
- Arthur abandoned Gwaine because he was worried about Merlin. Dude. Your whole trip was about saving your knights, and yet you abandon them as soon as Merlin runs off. It's very idiotic, and almost romantic.
- Mordred, of course.

And things I didn't:
- Gwen's plan was sort of stupid. Getting your own guards killed/badly hurt just because of some threat that isn't Morgana or something? I just couldn't buy it.
- That alien thing. Another 'last of it's kind' of course. *facepalm* That just reminds of Assassin's Creed for some reason. I was really expecting the Doctor to come in at any second and give us a biography of it.
- Everything is still anti-magic. Excellent, Merlin writers, really. Forgot what your own show is supposed to accomplish.

And new OUAT tomorrow! :D Yay!

I also watched the beginning of this anime called Psycho-Pass. It was awesome. Just one episode so far, but it's going to be awesome!
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