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10 July 2012 @ 09:28 pm
It's so nice and quiet here. A part of me finds it weird, I guess. I've gotten used to ignoring whatever shit was happening that day.

Mum and I have just been processing what's happened, and our plans for the future. Mum still goes to work, of course. It's just... yeah. It all happened so quickly.

Anyway. Got my DVDs! :D Suicide Club is just as fucked up as I remember it. When they were writing scenes with Genesis, they must've been high. So high. XD Watched/capped Iron Man 2, since I got that today! Natasha. ♥ I also watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night, too. It was cute. And it had Mark Ruffalo~

The internet shall be faster this week sometime. I don't know when. :/ It's taking ages. In the meantime, I sometime use up more data on my phone which I'd have to pay for since I've gone over the limit days a go. Oh well.

Planning to go to JB Hi-Fi sometime. Friday, I think. I'm planning to get Anastasia, The Swan Princess, and now Eternal Sunshine. *nods* And they're all cheap, too. :D So yes. I'm also feeling a big urge to buy a season or two of Sanctuary. Give me all the Sanctuary! I could get them cheaper on Amazon, but I'll wait until I get money again to think of buying those or something. I really don't know where that's come from. But between Dr. Magnus and Will, I can hazard a guess. ♥
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: Linkin Park - Ppr:Kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca ft. Rasco & Planet Asia)