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20 June 2012 @ 12:53 am
Have capped all my Leverage S3. :D And almost done with Fringe S1... though I want to re-cap Leverage S2 because reasons.

Life is still boring. And you know last week when I felt sick? I kinda passed it on to my mum. XD But she's good, and she has cold/flu tablets. And my 'net should be fast again by the end of this week! :D Finally~

I have... nothing waiting in the mail. *twitches* And now I have money, I'm thinking of getting stuff. Besides like, pre-ordering all the things. Because I want that FMA: B movie, and Linkin Park's new album, and Iron Man 2... and then pre-order stuff. I really gotta figure out how I got this compulsion to buy all the DVDs... ^^;

And I have a Bruce/Clint rec, because this pairing. ;_; And it's basically PWP. And then let's not even get into the gazillion ideas that have spontaneously materialized in my brain due to stuff. I haven't written in ages! Anyway. Rec.

{Bruce Banner/Clint Barton, 7k} If I Had Sleeves, I'd Wear My Heart There by somanyopentabs

It was like something out of a porno; the six of them, gathered back at the mansion, disheveled and sweating and high on pheromones.

(Other mentioned pairings are Steve/Tony and Natasha/Thor.)

Ahhh, good old sex pollen 'fic... plus, there aren't that many good explicit 'fics with this pairing, I've found. ;_; Which is sad. And how can you say no to 7k of porn? Lesser fans may have tried.

*goes back to re-reading the Bruce/Clint 'fics on AO3*
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