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18 June 2012 @ 01:27 am
I can deal with fate, but not the little things~  
Been so nice without mum's boyfriend being loud and annoying. :D But he returns soon... *sighs*

I've mostly been reading, as always. I'm practically re-reading the Bruce/Clint 'fics on AO3. Because reasons. ;_; This is just like Hank/Alex, adorable little side pairing I love that don't have too many 'fics. Oh, and I read some Deadpool/Spidey. I'm not really sure why. What I do know, is that Deadpool is awesome, and I love him. ♥

Made icons today! @_@ Well. A few. But yeah. I'm also starting on capping my Fringe, although that'll take a while. I also want to cap S4-S5 of Supernatural, since I sort of stopped at S3. But SPN gives me these painful feelings due to becoming emotionally attached to characters who get the shit beat out of them every episode, which is lovely for your mental state.

I've also pre-ordered things! :D Well, two things! Once Upon A Time S1, and The Avengers. I would've gotten The Avengers same place as I got OUAT, but I wanted a blu-ray disk I could actually use, since my PS3 isn't region-free, sadly. But I did notice that you could get Alphas S1 and American Horror Story S1 DVDs there! :D Yay! Will definitely look into those.

Life. Boring. Yay. Though I have the feeling of the calm before the storm... I hate those feelings. They're always right.
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: Danny Elfman - The Little Things