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21 May 2012 @ 08:06 pm
The curtain falls  
Had a rude and early awakening today. And surprisingly, it wasn't arguing. Well. It was mum going off the rails a bit, due to getting a phone bill worth $1k. :/ But we've all got that sorted~

Mum and I had a nice time at a mall. We got some yummy lunch, and looked around. :D And I have some more Pepsi Max too, so that's always good. I also got some Reese's, and we got Salem a new collar. And this one has a bell, so he's not much of a ninja anymore...

I have made one icon so far for the icon battle. Only 5 more to go! :D And I've also made more textures. And right after my lovely curried sausages, I will either make more icons, or cap some South Park... or icon South Park. I'm flexible like that. *cough* Although I do have about 35644 other things I could icon... Huh. And I've made all the icon battle icons. That was loads of fun! :D

Internet resets in 3 days, the same day I go to the hairdressers actually.

And tomorrow we have to go somewhere. But it will end with mum's boyfriend giving me the money he owes me, so that'll be good. Which means I may buy a DVD... though I really need to stop that for a bit. *head/desk* There's basically nothing in my savings, so I have to start that up again.
Current Mood: productiveproductive
Current Music: The Retrosic - Decoy (SITD Feat. The Retrosic)