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17 January 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Cap all the things~  
Managed to cap some Misfits S3. I just need to cap 3x02 and the webisodes. For some reason, 3x02 isn't reading. D: So it cuts off about 8 mins. Ugh. Well, technically, it freezes at a specific frame. D:

Also capping more FMA, this time Brotherhood. And have capped all the openings/endings from the first anime! Yay~

Hairdresser this Thursday. @_@ I thought it was next week, but apparently not. Feeling much better, the genocidalness has waned some.

Oh, and have a random recipe, Chicken meat & Spinach Terrine. It's better than it sounds, and it's yummy! ♥

---- Ingredients

+1 terrine tin/long oblong tin
- 10-12 finely sliced prosciutto
- 1kg chicken mince
- 500g frozen spinach
- 1-2 eggs
- 2 fresh herbs
-- parsley, tarragon, basil, whatever
- salt + pepper for taste

---- Preparation

- Line tin with prosciutto.
- Mix everything [sans prosciutto] in a bowl, put mixture into tin and wrap prosciutto around the top.
- Cover terrine in foil.
- Cook ban-marie in the oven. [Fill an oven tray with water, put terrine in tray and cook].
- Bake for 1 ½ hours at 200ºC.
- Drain fat when cooked, take foil off, and cook until prosciutto is brown.
- Eat warm or cold!

[x] - Picture courtesy of a friend who also made it. ♥
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