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28 December 2011 @ 03:13 am
Mmm, salt & vinegar chips...  
Best friend came over today for a bit. It was nice. :D Best friend and I reminisced of our primary school days. We've only had a big row... once. In a whole decade of friendship. XD And that was ages ago. I mean, we've had other little fights, but that one was big. But we don't even remember what started it.

And we came up to the conclusion that we're insane.

... Yeah. Context would be good?

Basically, we had this one friend, let's call her K, and she was awesome. She moved to our primary school in the middle of the year or something, and then she left... sometime later, to live in Queensland. *nods* However, best friend and I always talked about her to our mums, but they've never met K, she never came over to our houses, never gone over to hers...

Hence, either she was some supernatural entity, or a figment of our imagination. We didn't have many friends in school, since we were designated "losers", so maybe we made up one?

Then we came up with this idea that our primary school was secretly an ~insane asylum~ in disguise. Yeah, I dunno how exactly that would work. Creepy, but cool. :D

So, in other news that doesn't have conspiracy theories, I have capped stuff! Some Young Dracula, and the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime. :D Well, the first 12 episodes of that. Oh, and I've capped that new Colin & Bradley thing~ Have I mentioned how much I love Colin's hair this hiatus? Because I do. *_*

Haven't touched Photoshop since... Christmas. XD Which feels like ~forever~ to me, but whatever. Oh, and have another pretty dark-haired/blue-eyed European.

Hi, Nicholas Hoult, hiii~

Texts from Xavier Academy

... I think that's all. Long entry is long... I'm sorry. XD
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Criminally Inclined®: I run thisprincealia on December 27th, 2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
I love Bradley's "just rolled out of bed and I don't give a fuck" look. He makes looking indifferent so effortless xD
Lenre Li: Bradley - pretty in reduniversaldogma on December 27th, 2011 12:45 pm (UTC)
He does. XD I also love Colin's sex-hair look as well... that haiiir~