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Lenre Li
07 October 2015 @ 05:06 am
Arc-V plot!!! Well, there was plot, but something particularly heavy happened...

I recently got my latest chapter of my fic up to 1.3k. :D I only have a bit to go for this one scene, and the last scene is small. Which means soon I'll be able to double-post my chapters up... @_@ Hah. Anyways, I'm really proud of what I wrote tonight yes~

And my other fic I have going is almost up to 10k, but I think I'm gonna finish and post those chapters before going back to it.

Big Finish is going to release Eighth Doctor/War Doctor audiosssss!! The whole bundle for both is like $100 for me, but I'll buy it... eventually.

There's a new season of anime, and I'm interested in things like Project K, but I can't be bothered to put them onto my normal watching schedule. Maybe I'll just marathon them one day after they're done. *shrug*
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Lenre Li
29 September 2015 @ 04:53 am

I finished my chapter of my chaptered fic yessssss~ :D It's at 2.1k. And then my next chapter will be easier... I hope. And my spy fic is up to 9k~

On Friday, I bought some cool boots. They've shipped, but i think there's something weird going on with Aussie customs maybe? Because I'm waiting for 3 packages, all from other countries, and they haven't arrived yet. :/

A friend got me onto this cooking show called Cutthroat Kitchen... It's good. And hilarious~

Oooh, Arc-V and Doctor Who continue to be awesome~

Health-wise, I'm feeling better. Yay! I've been sleeping a lot, which might've helped.

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Lenre Li
23 September 2015 @ 12:32 am
Arc-V continues to be awesome! :D Especially with the latest duel...

Hmmmm. Mum's parents left during the weekend. It's nice to not have them around.

My spy fic is up to 9k now! Yay! And I'm a few paragraphs away from completing the chapter of my chaptered fic... but, it's kind of... wild... so I'm treading lightly with it... By mostly writing my spy fic and avoiding it.

I feel very tired lately. :/ I've been taking naps for the past few days. I think it's because my ear is being weird, or, as my mum suggested, it could be a side-effect of going back on my anti-depressants. Idk... I'd like it to stop. 
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Lenre Li
14 September 2015 @ 11:27 pm
I'm not one for politics, BUT TONY ABBOTT IS NO LONGER PM OF AUSTRALIA!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! :D

Still have the same horrible group, but... no more Abbott...

Idk, look it up, there's news.

Also, the memes are good. :D So many "Tony, what's good?" jokes it's amazing.
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Lenre Li
14 September 2015 @ 12:25 am
Arc-V was good~

So, from like, last Sunday, mum's parents have been staying over. They should be leaving around next Friday...

And, thanks to them being here I think, I've been very anxious. And I started back on my meds because my mind's all messed up. :/

Right now I'm just... tired. And unmotivated. Can it stop now.

Hmmmmmmm. My new fic is up to around 8k? And the chapter of my chaptered fic is up to 1.5k too... Hopefully I can dig up enough motivation to get some writing done tonight.

Mostly I've been watching cooking shows. Well. One. The Great British Bake-Off. :D
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Lenre Li
07 September 2015 @ 01:49 am
Arc-V was so good!!!! Such pretty animation and music!! Hopefully subs are quick.

I bought some Big Finish today. :D I got the recently released Third Doctor Adventures, and there was a sale on the Companion Chronicles, so I got the only one's I've been missing - S2/S3! And then I also pre-ordered Torchwood. I still need to order things though... like Charley's solo audios... pre-order more Jago & Litefoot... buy those audios from the Main Range that I don't have as *cough* genuine yet... Hm.

I've done lots of writing. The chapter I'm working on for my chaptered fic is up to 1k. I only need one more scene to write... but once I've done that depraved clusterfuck of a scene, I'm going to work on the chapter after it, because putting that chapter up alone scares me so much. :D

And I've also started another fic, which is perspective switch of another fic I wrote, and it's past 5k already. It's going to be a long fic. At least it's fun to write~

Ooooh, and I recently ordered a KMFDM shirt too, because it was a limited run. And the art from the shirt is based on a really good song by them. 
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Lenre Li
31 August 2015 @ 10:09 pm
Arc-V was good yesterday. Soon, subs will come out...

Got a thing from ThinkGeek on Friday. :D

And on Saturday, I went to a Food & Wine Expo with my mum! It was fun~ We got bought lots of local things, and there was a stage where celeb chefs made stuff. The last chef was a guy who did molecular gastronomy... it was so cool... and my mum seems interested in it now, which I didn't expect.

Hmmm, I've written more of a fic and it's now up to 2.6k. Maybe I can write more of my chaptered fic tonight... but I haven't really felt motivated that much.

Today started off horrible. Woke up with lots of anxiety. And then a few hours after that, lots of pain. But they're both passed now...
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Lenre Li
24 August 2015 @ 01:14 am
I finished the chapter of my fic! :D At about 5.8k... which is closer to 6k than I'd like... but whatever, it's done. I can do other things now.

Started another fic! It's up to 1k already! That 'verse is just really easy to write, compared to the ongoing one I have...

Also started the next chapter, and it's up to 500 words~

And another 'finishing' thing: I've watched all of the available Person of Interest! Yay! Now to... wait... for the next season...

Hmmmmmmmm... Six's regen story was good? I loved the episode with Flip... because Flip. She is my child.

Idk what else to write. I watched a cool Korean horror movie called Killer Toon? It was really engaging~ 
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Lenre Li
17 August 2015 @ 01:38 am
Arc-V continues to be good! Not surprising, really. Though I wish they'd be a bit more like Cardfight!! Vanguard when it comes to competitions...

I'm up to the last scene of this chapter I'm writing... but it's such a long... scene... and the chap itself is 4k now...

Soon, it'll be finished... and then it won't be eating my creativity anymore! I just have to write it! Yes.

And also soon, BF will be releasing a Six regen story!!! :D I thought I pre-ordered it already, but I didn't, so I fixed that yesterday~

Ohhhhhhhhh, I got new hair! :D It's magenta! It's so nice and bright~

TV show wise, I'm up to S4 of Person of Interest... but I might try to hold off watching more until I've finished my chapter?? Or something like that... or I might just scrap that and go watch more. *cough*
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Lenre Li
11 August 2015 @ 10:13 pm
Arc-V is always so interesting...

I've managed to write more of my chapter! :D It's up to 3k now, but it's not finished yet... I only need to do a few more scenes until it's done... and then, I can finally post it up and work on other things... *sighs*

I'm up to season 3 of Person of Interest. I've watched so much...

No writing tonight. I have lots of Big Finish to listen to. I've been slacking on it because of PoI and writing. And I also need to listen to the new Iris Wildthyme~
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