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Lenre Li
12 January 2016 @ 04:31 am
I wonder how long Arc-V will go on for... I keep thinking about 200 eps, like DM. That'd be cool. :D

Errrrrrrrrrr, there hasn't really been a reason for the lack of updates.

Fanfics have been read, things have been made, my own writing has been procrastinated on. I did write a little thing though, and there's a new chapter of multi-chapter, so that's good. 
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Lenre Li
14 December 2015 @ 01:00 am
Between going to Sydney and being internetless, I was so unmotivated to write. :/

But I managed to get my muse back! It's grounded now.

Managed to get a start on my next chapter for my multichaptered fic... finally... a month after I posted up an update for it...

At least I started it. *shrug*

On Xmas day when we go over to our friend's place to, you know, do all that togetherness stuff, I plan to make some desserts! I'm thinking nutella brownies and cinnamon pull-apart bread?

Although I've never worked with yeast when making things before, so I plan to try it out once before then. :D The recipe I got looks good~

Anyway, off to my gif my Arc-V episode that aired today~ 
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Lenre Li
27 November 2015 @ 01:33 pm
So last week, mum and I went down to Sydney on Monday, and it was a fun time. :D

And then a thing happened on Wednesday, when we were scheduled to have our 'net upgraded... but then, no internet! Aside from mobile data!!!

But, the 'net has returned now. ;_; I have so much to catch up on...
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Lenre Li
10 November 2015 @ 05:03 am
That Arc-V ep was a long time in the making. :D And luckily it's a two-parter yessss~

And the DW was good, too! Especially Bonnieeeee~ *chinhands*

Finished another chapter of my multi-chapter fic! Yay! Progress!

A few days a go, I accidentally sliced some of my nail off with a new mandolin we got. That's one way to test the sharpness, I guess... But my nail's healing nicely! And it was my ring finger, so it's not really one of my 'needed at all times' nails...

For example, I made a cookie bar yesterday! It's yummy~

It's my birthday on Thursday! I turn 23! :D We're going out for all-you-can-eat~ 
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Lenre Li
02 November 2015 @ 03:47 am
Arc-V! Plot! Sora! :D

Also, that Doctor Who ep... Talk to me about __Clara please.

I baked 2 things this week, but I ate them both. XD Some nutella brownies, which I'll make more of soon; and some choc spiders~ :D

So, today when I got money I bought Tokyo Ghoul S1 on DVD. Well, pre-ordered, but it comes out this month! And I also bought this movie called All Cheerleaders Die. It's very off-the-rails fun. And horror. And gay. *nods*

One day this week, I slept like 10+ hours... and I woke up feeling so good and motivated. I got a lot done that day. If only every day could be like that. Hm.

Writing-wise... I have been writing, between watching a lot of Cutthroat Kitchen and horror movies. *shrug* 
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Lenre Li
27 October 2015 @ 10:13 pm
Arc-V was interesting, hmmm. :D

I slept for over 10 hours last night. @_@ I feel so good and motivated! I should sleep for that long more often.

Tenth Doctor Adventures!!!!! DONNA!!!! :D I plan to pre-order it in like... 4-5 weeks. But yesssssssssssssss, more Donna!!! And it's a "Volume 1," so the possibility of a Volume 2 and more is a very high possibility!

So, today I made some quick Nutella brownies~ :D They're yummy! I put the recipe for them in the link there.

I plan to write tonight, since I feel so motivated to do things, so I hope I do that~ 
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Lenre Li
19 October 2015 @ 10:45 pm
Arc-V was good! Sora, my son~ ♥

I slept a lot during the week. Like, halfway throughout my day, I went to nap for a few hours. :/ Being tired so early sucked. But I'm over it now, mostly.

Managed to write a bit, but the whole 'tired' thing, blah.

Bought some more Big Finish today, since I saw that I didn't get all of the Jago & Litefoot audios. Got them now, though. :D Also, new Torchwood released that I'm listening too, yay~ 
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Lenre Li
12 October 2015 @ 09:26 pm
That Arc-V ep was... interesting... Hm.

Mum gave me a lot of the money she owes me, and so I bought a lot of Big Finish audios. :D Mainly pre-orders. I did buy the Doom Coalition bundle too, and the first one of that got released today!! Yesss~

I finished my chapter for my multi-chaptered fic! So I've posted up 2 chapters and yeah, I feel much better now I don't have to worry about those anymore. Now I just have to worry about the next chapters. :D 
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Lenre Li
07 October 2015 @ 05:06 am
Arc-V plot!!! Well, there was plot, but something particularly heavy happened...

I recently got my latest chapter of my fic up to 1.3k. :D I only have a bit to go for this one scene, and the last scene is small. Which means soon I'll be able to double-post my chapters up... @_@ Hah. Anyways, I'm really proud of what I wrote tonight yes~

And my other fic I have going is almost up to 10k, but I think I'm gonna finish and post those chapters before going back to it.

Big Finish is going to release Eighth Doctor/War Doctor audiosssss!! The whole bundle for both is like $100 for me, but I'll buy it... eventually.

There's a new season of anime, and I'm interested in things like Project K, but I can't be bothered to put them onto my normal watching schedule. Maybe I'll just marathon them one day after they're done. *shrug*
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Lenre Li
29 September 2015 @ 04:53 am

I finished my chapter of my chaptered fic yessssss~ :D It's at 2.1k. And then my next chapter will be easier... I hope. And my spy fic is up to 9k~

On Friday, I bought some cool boots. They've shipped, but i think there's something weird going on with Aussie customs maybe? Because I'm waiting for 3 packages, all from other countries, and they haven't arrived yet. :/

A friend got me onto this cooking show called Cutthroat Kitchen... It's good. And hilarious~

Oooh, Arc-V and Doctor Who continue to be awesome~

Health-wise, I'm feeling better. Yay! I've been sleeping a lot, which might've helped.

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